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Honda Tire Pressure Light On Your Dashboard

The tire pressure light icon on your dashboard is a "U" shaped symbol with an exclamation point in the middle.  It illuminates on your Honda's dashboard to alert you that tire pressure may be too low. Or the icon could flash if you have a tire sensor that isn't working correctly. During colder months, it's not unusual for the tire pressure light to display because pressure drops due to a drop in temperature at night and early morning.

What does it mean?  It appears on your Honda's dashboard and it is a notification that your tire(s) may not be properly inflated, or it can illuminate if a sensor is not working correctly. 

Underinflated tires will affect vehicle handling and tire performance.  It can cause premature tread wear as well.  Finally, underinflated tires can also increase the occurrence of hydroplaning because it may not appropriately disperse water.  This is especially important during the slushy, slippery wet, late fall and winter months.  

What should I do?  If you have a tire pressure gauge, you may consult your owner's manual and then use the gauge to check the pressure of each one of your tires. Add air to any tire that is low.  

All tires have a maximum air pressure stamped on the tire sidewall, but this is not the same as the recommended air pressure selected by Honda for optimal ride and handling. Tires should be inflated to the recommended air pressure which can be found in your owner's manual or on your tire information door placard (a sticker found in your doorjamb).

A simpler way to be certain your tire pressure is correct in each tire would be to let us do it.  It quick and it's FREE! 

Stop by Scott Honda and drive into our Express Service Lane. Our service team will check your tires for you, put more air into them if necessary and send you safely on your way.

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