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Your New Honda Refresher Visit- Auto Technology & Features

At Scott Honda, we invite you back in order to go over your model's technology and special features.  We often call this appointment a "Refresher Visit."  That's because we know you may have additional questions now that you've spent time driving your new Honda. 

Once you've driven away from Scott Honda with your new car, we absolutely want  you to know we're still here for you!  

We want your Honda ownership experience to be top notch and this means we want you to fully understand all the ways your new Honda is equipped to be convenient, smart, functional, and fun. 

Have more then a few questions?  Then don't hesitate to set-up a visit to go over your newly purchased car again.

What can I expect?  Our "Refresher Visit" offers you a follow-up consultation appointment with a Honda product specialist to give additional explanation of your specific model's technology, its unique features, and to further customize personal settings.

Certainly, you'd learned allot of information all at once the day you picked up your Honda purchase. We're trained to go down an extensive checklist of items and acquaint you with your new car before you hit the road after purchase. But we're just like you, and we know our guests have busy lives... Perhaps you were crunched for time or some other priority was top of your mind.  

Often, another person in your family will be the one to regularly drive this new Honda, but hadn't been able to come to Scott Honda the day you picked up your new vehicle. Especially if they are the primary driver, we want her/him to be comfortable driving the car, to take advantage of its technology, and to understand how each feature properly operates.  This is one of the most common reasons we have our guests return for a "Refresher Visit" after they've recently purchased their Honda from us.

How do I set an appointment? Use the form on this page to RSVP if you'd like to take us up on our invitation for a "Refresher Visit." We're excited you chose Scott Honda and we're committed to your satisfaction.   

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